Chronic Illness and Children

Ugh.  After slowly clawing our way back to being caught up in school Bam!  Symptoms are back and worse than ever.

Now we’ve lost another week of school and are on some awful steroid again.  Great.  Medicine that causes anger and depression.

The balancing of family is real tough during these times.  I want to do things with everyone at the same time but that limits us to watching TV.  I want to do awesome things with everyone but I also don’t want to limit my other kid’s activities.

Saying Health First, education second sounds like a nice practical approach but how do you apply that?  Education is really important.  But what do you do when you miss so many days of school to sick days?



  1. I grew up chronically ill and sometimes you have to tough it out and other times you just have to do what you need and get to it when you can because stress and worry won’t change the reality of life

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