Month: February 2016

Harris Springs Canyon

(Desert Trails can be deceptively dangerous.  You need more water than you think you need and you won’t see very many people, if any.  Carry extra water!)

With one of my kids now in High School, its adjusted my morning running schedule.  The nice side effect though is if I drive her to school, I’m closer to trails.  I’ve been exploring an area on the far North West end of the developed portion of the Las Vegas valley.

This weekend I was finally able to get further along the trail than before.  My ultimate goal with this trail is the circumnavigate the mountain.  Not sure the name of the mountain and my google-kung fu was inconclusive.  However, given that there is a Harris mountain in the La Madre range and the wash and road is Harris Springs canyon, I’d guess the mountain is Harris.

Google Map

I went about 6 miles into the trail.  If I were traveling to do this trail I’d find somewhere to park along Kyle Canyon road to shave several miles off the route.  But the most convenient starting point for me is at the intersection of Grand Teton Road and Pole Line road.

If you are coming to town and want to do a trail besides the obvious ones in the Red Rock area, this is a nice easy route.  This is an awesome non-technical trail with both single track and double track in the area paralleling the wash.

Hopefully next weekend I’ll get out and complete the trail.  I figure I probably need to budget for a 20 mile run to complete this route.  I’ve already done some sections on the back side so I don’t anticipate a significant change in the difficulty.



Chronic Illness and Children

Ugh.  After slowly clawing our way back to being caught up in school Bam!  Symptoms are back and worse than ever.

Now we’ve lost another week of school and are on some awful steroid again.  Great.  Medicine that causes anger and depression.

The balancing of family is real tough during these times.  I want to do things with everyone at the same time but that limits us to watching TV.  I want to do awesome things with everyone but I also don’t want to limit my other kid’s activities.

Saying Health First, education second sounds like a nice practical approach but how do you apply that?  Education is really important.  But what do you do when you miss so many days of school to sick days?