Cappuccino Deconstructed

We vacationed in Seattle in early June.  I was there to run a race and visit in-laws, but I did drag people to a few coffee places.  One of the more remarkable locations we visited was Slate Coffee Bar

We ordered Cappuccino Deconstructed.  Turns out a Capp is made of milk and espresso so the deconstruction wasn’t that exciting  🙂  The brilliance of the drink was the use of stemware.

Small capps don’t need to be kept crazy hot, especially since the drinks were appropriately sized and not some venti-trenti whatever sized bucket of milk.  The stemware was a fun elegant touch that I hadn’t considered doing at home.

Contrary to Yelp reviews, the site does have chocolate drinks.  We ordered a hot chocolate for one of my kids.  Keeping with the fancy schmancy coffee bar style, it is a nice single origin chocolate bean. I liked the depth of the chocolate, although my kids prefer a more traditional kid flavored chocolate (aka Nesquick).


Hot Chocolate

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