Rainier to Ruston 50

Rainier to Ruston

My next race is getting close. Like usual I’m starting to get antsy.  I’m running the Rainier to Ruston  50 Mile as an ultra.

I try to combine family vacations with races.  It helps when I’m usually the one planning our vacations (“What a coincidence honey, there is a cool race right next to our hotel!”)  This race is near my wife’s family, which I thought was important for us to visit this year.  Wonder what they will think of my race?

Since this is somewhat an urban race, my wife will be able to crew for me.  I’m excited about that, although she isn’t so sure.  I’m not sure what an ultra crew is supposed to do, but I’ll have one 🙂 !

This race is an all gradual downhill course at low altitude.  This will be my first 50 mile attempt, but the course description looks way less intense than my previous 50k races.  Still, that’s 18 miles further than I’ve ever gone before.

The antsy’ness of this stage always gets to me.  At the same time I’m nervous about going 50 miles (50 Miles! Wow), I’m sure I could do a 100 Miler.  I’m ready to go, I wish the race was today … but I need to train more.  I’m in perfect health for the race, but every cough and twinge must be a disastrous medical emergency.   If you’ve planned for a big event, you know these feelings.  I’m all coiled up and ready …

My biggest goal is to finish the race without leg problems.  I’ll experiment with a thigh compression sleeve, a knee strap and an IT knee strap.  If I can keep sharp pains from occur, then I can just concentrate on endurance.


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