heat gun roaster

This looks like a real nice set up. I like the flour sifter!

The Contented Squirrel Trading Company

dewalt heat gun
One of my early favorite methods of home coffee roasting was with the Dewalt D26950 Heat Gun,
heat gun label
coupled with an 8 cup flour sifter.
sifter 2
This setup will evenly roast 1/2 pound of beans in about 10 minutes (for darker roasts).

The cool thing about the Dewalt D26950 heat gun is that it comes with fold out legs so you can easily stand it upright.
dewalt standing
While you could roast over the gun by holding the flour sifter…I built a little wood “table” that fits around the gun…
gun under table
This allows you to rest the sifter on the table while you’re busy cranking the handle.
full setup one
The Dewalt D26950 heat gun features a “high” and a “low” setting via a trigger switch…and it also features a variable heat dial to control things even further.
After setting up the equipment I like to run the gun on “low” with the dial setting at just…

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