5 Easy Steps for Roasting Coffee

The Real Life


Roasting coffee has been a fun and rewarding hobby of mine for the past 13 years.  I still remember my first REAL cup of coffee – not the stuff you sip out of your mom or dad’s cup that is filled with sugar and fake creamer – but the first cup I ordered on my own, at a truck stop, just across the Michigan boarder, thick, black coffee.  It was horrible!  But, I was an adult and it was time to start an adult habit of drinking coffee.

But, Coffee doesn’t have to be horrible, and it all starts with the quality of the beans and where they were grown.  I’ll talk about the beans on another post but for today let’s look at the steps to roasting coffee.

Now, roasting coffee and how the beans are roasted have a lot to do with how the coffee will taste after…

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  1. Hey Ed, thanks for re-blogging my post – I’m honored. Anyway, I too had the iRoaster for a time – until it caught on fire. I am now using a converted “RONCO” roaster. It can do 2lbs. at a time and is very easy to use – I just set it and forget it!
    Anyway, thanks again for the reblog-happy roasting.


    1. I learned a lot with the iRoast but it sure was frustrating. I had a tough time getting a consistent roast. I think the machine depended a lot on using the chaff to block the vents and raise the temperature.

      Fortunately, never had a fire!

      Have a great weekend.


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